Frequently Asked Questions

What is your consultation fee?

Free Consultation

Do I pay if we don’t win?

I take personal injury cases to Win.   If you do not prevail My representation costs nothing.

What to do if you are injured in a Car Accident?

Call 911.  If you are seriously injured please call for an ambulance. Guard Dog Law ASAP 833-GUAR-DOG.  We can help you get to the right Doctors immediately.

Why don’t I call the Insurance company 1st?

Insurance Companies look out for their profits. Most of the time taking  a quick settlement is not the best settlement.  Insurance companies have ways to tire you out. They ask questions to try to find ways to pay less money than you deserve.  They hire defense attorneys to protect their money.   Most Insurance companies do not want to pay the maximum and often pay well less then you deserve for your injuries.  It is most important for you to get the right medical care and the right attorney.

How long does it take to get me to settle my case?