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Michael Federico has over 22 years of experience as an aggressive personal injury litigator.   During the first 20 years of his career,  Michael guarded insurance companies in countless trials, arbitration and meditations.  He has been to court for his clients over a thousand  times.

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Michael has been both sides of the courtroom.  As a Defense attorney   Michael knows the importance of how insurance companies work, act, think and what their next move will be.  Insurance companies look out for their own financial interests first.  If they don’t make huge  profits, their share holders are disappointed.   Unfortunately, those that are truly injured do not get the fair treatment and initially will  not  receive  a fair settlement offer.  Many who are  injured get frustrated by  insurance company insensitively and an unwillingness to pay fair or just settlement. Often insurance companies attempt  to pay pennies on the dollar and  may deny a claim by using  unfair strategy methods  to keep from paying you money.

Insurance companies do not want to pay.   Michael’s 20 PLUS YEARS OF INSURANCE KNOWLEDGE  will help make them  pay.   Get Guard Dog Law on your side.  Let Michael use his superior knowledge to get you the money you deserve for your injuries.

Trial and Courtroom Experience

You want an attorney who truly is  experienced in the courtroom and trial.  You want an attorney who has  defended insurance companies and knows what they will try to do.   Some who advertise have little to no trial experience and do not directly handle their own cases.    In fact, many will not even handle your case and  often pass you along  to a new attorney who is ready to settle for less than what you should be receiving.

If Michael takes your case you can be sure he will PERSONALLY guard your rights.

Michael personally handles his cases and is a successful trial attorney.  He has over 22 years of experience in the Nevada courts, having appeared before most of the judges in Clark County.   Michael has made appearances  in court  well over a thousand   times on behalf of his clients.  He  has both state court and federal trial court experience.   He has also been published by the Nevada Supreme Court and United States District Court.     If you are looking for an experienced litigator to guard your case, look no further and get the Guard Dog on your side today!

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Don’t look for a quick settlement

Most of the time taking  a quick settlement is not the best settlement.  Insurance companies have ways to tire you out.  They hire defense attorneys to protect their money.   Most Insurance companies do not want to pay the maximum and often pay well less then  you deserve for your injuries.  It is most important for you to get the right medical care and the right attorney.  You need an experienced  attorney that will guard you and your right to best  settlement for your injuries.   This is why you need Michael’s  experience on your side.  Michael knows how insurance companies work with 20+ years working for them in the past.  He learned that in the end they will likely win unless you get the right  lawyer.    It’s time for you to hire Michael to Guard You.

If you have been injured, get the right attorney with the right experience.

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Client Care

Michael takes pride representing his clients and their families.  Michael’s 22 year career has always been about the best interests of his clients.  If you are looking for an attorney who is truly  looking out and guarding your rights and goes to court, look no further.     Hire an attorney that has the experience to  either settle big or win in court.

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